Having a daily yoga practice can be such a complex endeavor.

I used to struggle for years with personal excuses, “busy” schedules, responsibilities and commitments that kept me away from spending the time for myself that I truly needed and craved.

I went to conferences, trainings, workshops, and festivals year after year, all in the hopes that THIS would be the time that turned it around for good. That I would Finally learn how to discipline myself into consistency.

Finally, I realized I needed help.

I needed guidance.

I needed the type of direction that I could only get from working with someone who really had my best interest at heart.

This was the traditional way of developing a practice, and somehow it just never occurred to me. Truly, it doesn’t seem to occur to most people I talk to.

How I went about getting help was to dive deep into a school about Habit Change. I trained to become a Holistic Health Coach and I studied hard. I practiced these new techniques every day and I got serious about transformation.

The secrets about behavior change finally became clear to me, and it was something that I needed to learn from a source other than yoga to really sink in.

The combination of years of practice with my teachers and the knowledge of true, lasting habit change became the perfect recipe.

I hired my own mentor: A spiritual practitioner and coach who was farther along their journey, knew a few things that I just couldn’t see in myself.

Having another person, a true teacher looking out for me, holding a mirror to show me what I really needed to see...this changed everything for me.

So once I got my head on straight, I put all of my knowledge into practice. I began applying these methods to my classes, creating workshops, series, and most importantly - working with women one-on-one.

I now stand solid as your guide, deeply rooted in practice, constantly challenging myself to go deeper so that I am able to Truly hold space for you, for women who are ready to show up and do the work.

I am here to help hold a mirror for you to uncover your True Strength, Your Clarity, Your Purpose. I will hold you to what you are Truly capable of (and believe me, it’s limitless)

I am here to share my Years of practice and experience in mentorship to help you live your life more Fully, more Alive, to really Thrive.

This is the work of Expansion, of pushing the boundaries so you can become who you know you are truly meant to be. This is where you begin, take your first step towards the life and practice that you dream about.

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