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  • Aegialis Hotel & Spa Amorgos Greece (map)

PEACE and POWER Retreat with Jamie

What would it be like to spend an entire week rediscovering and falling in love with yourself?

Where you didn't have to try so hard, push through anxiety and overwhelm, where you could just completely BE.

Emerge into your life at the top of your to-do list, sans stress, with a deep connection to yourself, guiding you all the way.

Come on a journey with me to Amorgos, an island off the beaten track, a true gem of the Aegean Sea. Its dramatic landscape, with abrupt cliffs alternating with slopes filled with wild herbs, contrast to the serene Big Blue that surrounds the land.

We will be staying in the Aegialis Hotel & Spa, a family owned hotel. The rooms are spread in a layout resembling a small Cycladic village, all offering superb views to the bay of Aegiali, the surrounding islands, mountains and whitewashed villages.

Here the soil is fertile with myth and magic. Each day we will explore our bodies through Movement, Mantra, and Meditation, finding the inner guide to take us across the surreal landscape, and into the vibrant Greek culture.

As we awaken in the mystical morning light, we will enter our morning yoga practice looking out onto the blue ocean. Afterwards, there will be plenty of free time to explore the beaches, take a spa treatment, lie by the pool, or explore the island scenery. At dusk, we will reunite to meditate on the breathtaking sunset over the indigo-colored Aegean Sea. Under the stars we will join with our new tribe in sacred ritual to embody and honor the Goddess within ourselves and within one another.

What awaits?

  • An extent network of hiking trails offers the opportunity for beautiful walks reaching some of the island's most important monuments, such as the 1000 year old Monastery of Panagia Chozoviotissa, built in the cliffs 300 meters above the sea, or the Byzantine Monastery of St George Valsamitis, built upon the ruins of an ancient water oracle dedicated to god Apollo.
  • Beautiful spa facilities: sauna, hammam, jacuzzi, and massage
  • Greek culture galore: with optional island tours, cooking classes, snorkeling and so much more!

Yoga Retreat and Study Topics Include:

  • Daily Yoga Practice in Asana, Pranayama and Meditation
  • Tantric Approaches to Asana, Bandha, Pranayama, Meditation, Kriya and Mantra
  • Techniques for cultivating awareness and living and breathing yoga practice in your every day life
  • Basics of Ayurveda and Essential Oils as useful daily tools
  • Working with Prana and the Emotions
  • The Path of Purpose and the Tantric Art of Manifestation

Experience a land alive with myth and Goddess energy, and explore your sacredness through ancient Tantric practices for the body, mind, and soul. Remember that each one of us is a healer, is a Divine being, a goddess. Come find her, remember her, be her, and return home with an epiphany of your true power!